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Tree Plantation

Shree Gnana Sai World Peace Center, dedicated to the improvement of broad-leaved trees in Gudiyatham. Gudiyatham, which is Hill Surrounded area. He have planted lot of siblings and maintaining the siblings for Environmental Goodness.

We are Standing up for Tress

We are actively involved in tree plantation since 2010 in Vellore to increase the green cover. This is just a small step to save the oxygen factories around us.

Tree Growing Service

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Go Green Project started in 2010. We have planted Number of siblings around 5 acres. This project is executed on the theme of Afforestation.

Now, we are planning to plant siblings on road sides of Gudiyatham.

Be with us, we can't achieve our vision alone.

Definitely you can be part of us by sponsoring Siblings, Offering Donations or Providing your service by maintaining the siblings like pouring water and soon. College & School Students are more inverted.

Contact to take part in us for Good Cause!!

Yogi Meena Krishnana

Program Coordinator of Shree Gnana Sai World Peace Center

Contact for Further Details - 9443265924