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Annadhanam refers to offering of food to the deserving People, like the Saints who take Biksha, the pilgrims who travel to great distances to visit temples, and the needy.

Annadhanam- A Life-saving Act

Shree Gnana Sai's Annadhanam- Our volunteer's are engaged in identifying the poor and helpless people's such as orphans and aged people and providing food to them especially on festivals occasions and on birth and wedding anniversaries by the funds provided by good hearten peoples.

Services for Devotees and Needy

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We are offering Annathanam monthly once as a lunch.

Nearly 1000 Poor people & Devotees per day getting benefit from Annathanam.

We are Planning to offer Annathanam for Poor people & Devotees on Daily basics.

we need contribution from all divine hearts, donors, sponsors for Annathanam.

We are looking contribution for Annathanam. If you want to be part in Annathanam, you can sponsor Kitchen Equipment, Construction of Dinning Area for Annathanam.

Contact to take part in us for Good Cause!!

Yogi Meena Krishnana

Program Coordinator of Shree Gnana Sai World Peace Center

Contact for Further Details - 9443265924