The Temple

Words About Us

The Hearth with Humanity is the Temple of GOD.

Satyanarayan Pooja

Together we can make a difference

Shree Gnana Sai World Peace Center is an Organization where group of Yogis (Meditators) are conducting several yogic programs around India under the Guru Yogi Shri. L. L. S. Manikghantan Iyya.

One good day, he found the site which is located 10km away from Ambur & Gudiyatham of Vellore, Tamilnadu. The holy site has got few caves in which some Saints, Rishis have meditated for the world’s welfare.

By the year of 2010, the site was donated to Karpagadaru Trust and from that, we are conducting several Yogic practices such as Kundalini Yoga, Siva Yoga and Vaasi Yoga.

On the year 2015, Shri Sai Baba's Astral conducted a meditation with 100 meditators in the Temple for World Peace. The Sai Baba statue in the temple was installed on 23 June 2017. We are Conducting Arathi and Poojas daily in Temple. Also, meditation is being conducted on Full and New moon days of each month. Annadhanam is also provided on those days. Nearly 1000 members are taking part in the Annadhanam on those days. Also, Sathya Narayana Pooja that brings people prosperity and good health is being conducted in Full moon days of each month and we are witnessing around 500 people taking part in the Pooja each month.

“Ananthame Jayam, Yellam Kaikoodum"

Ananthame Jayam, Yellam Kaikoodum is our mantra which means ‘Glory to Eternity, Endless Victory’ .This mantra gives a very Positive and Powerful vibration to all who chants. This mantra also helps us in achieving our day to day goals. Those will be definitely blessed by the almighty and all their worries will be vanished who meditate at Baba’s Temple, Gurunathapuram. A lots of people have personally experienced their life becoming better in many aspects after coming to this Baba temple. Also, we have a vast area where many kinds of trees with medicinal values are being planted. This makes the air in the area pure and the atmosphere the most favorable for meditation and silence.

Be a Part of us, to achieve our Vision