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Helping Poor & Needy

Caring for the poor and needy people and helping them is a good deed.Helping poor & needy by different ways like NGO, fundraiser, by charity, by campaigner for a cause.

Do A Good Deed, Help Someone In Need

Shree Gnana Sai World Peace Center, which is mostly concentration to improve rural poor through participatory approach for assessing the basic social service such as rural development, education, health, drinking water, sanitation.

Service to Feed Poor

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We are offering food for the needy People in rural areas, who are Helpless.

We are Planning to provide basic education for the Children who are in Poverty.

We are trying to fulfill the basic requirement of the Poor People, which are essential to live.

Be with us in Good Cause!

We are looking for your contribution in helping the helpless Needy Peoples.

You can be part of us by sponsoring as per your willingness, a small sponsorship which will be a big help for the needy people.

Contact to take part in us for Good Cause!!

Yogi Meena Krishnana

Program Coordinator of Shree Gnana Sai World Peace Center

Contact for Further Details - 9443265924