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Gomatha Care

Cow plays in the greater scheme of nature and particularly in relation to the wellbeing of human society.Our volunteers extend their services to save cows.

Cows are considered sacred and a sign of prosperity and happiness.

Shree Gnana Sai World Peace Center, knows that Cows are Fortunate. Here, we are raising nearly 15 cows along with cattle. We are doing pooja's for them on Friday basics. We are fulfilling all basic needs of gomatha.

Raising Cattle Service

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We almost raising 15 cows with cattle as a service.

We are daily fulfilling its basic needs by the Contribution of sponsors.

Even you can gift cattle for our trust.

You can be part of us in raising Gomatha.

We are looking for Veterinary Service Providers, Feeds Fodder Suppliers and volunteers for maintenance. Even you can donate amount for Maintenance or food on monthly basics.

Contact to take part in us for Good Cause!!

Yogi Meena Krishnana

Program Coordinator of Shree Gnana Sai World Peace Center

Contact for Further Details - 9443265924